Gold Rush


Who knows what treasures hides our Mother Nature? Endless prairies are just like a chest with treasures. Maybe you are the one destined to find all the golden nuggets hidden beneath solid rocks. But don`t get to overwhelmed! You surely don`t want to catch a Gold Rush, do you? Fix your flashlight and let’s dig in!

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Gold Rush is a 5-reel 9 fixed lines slot machine game which took the idea of California Gold Rush and put it in the convenient interface, so anyone can feel him/herself as a gold miner. The game features a Detonator as a wild symbol, which increases jackpot, expands on the whole reel and substitutes all symbols (except Wagon symbol and TNT symbol). Gold Rush also features Clickme- Bonus game with 3 variants to choose from, a common Risk game, and a Bonus game, which can be activated only after 10 TNT symbols were drawn from the reels.


How to Play

Main Game

Detonator wild symbol with function of a substitution

The Wild symbol in the game substitute for all symbols except the Wagon symbol and the TNT symbol, expands on the whole reel and increases the game jackpot according to the formula 1.35*TB, where TB is Total Bet.

Wagon as Click-me-Bonus symbol

Wagon symbol, which appears only on the first reel triggers Click-me- Bonus Game with the guaranteed prize.

Click-me-Bonus Game

Click-me-Bonus Game suggests the player to choose one of the wagons which carry silver, gold or diamonds. A wagon with silver gives a bonus of 4*TB, a wagon with gold gives a bonus of 7*TB and a wagon with diamonds gives a bonus of 12*TB, where TB is Total Bet.

TNT bonus symbol

TNT bonus symbol gives a player one dynamite stick. After the player has gathered 10 dynamite sticks, the Bonus game becomes available.

TNT Bonus Game

Bonus Game becomes available after 10 dynamite sticks were collected. The Bonus Game offers to choose between 3 mines, which bare silver, gold or diamonds. The win after the mine pick is calculated by the formula:

  • Silver mine – 0.3*jackpot
  • Gold mine – 0.6*jackpot
  • Diamond mine – full jackpot

Elevators Risk Game

The Risk game becomes available after each winning combination. The player chooses if they want to gamble their win by pressing the ‘Gamble’ symbol in the right bottom corner of the Video Display Area. If the player doesn’t want to play a risk game they keep spinning the reels.

Winning in the Risk Game doubles the prize per round. In the Double Up the player can play up to 10 times in a row. The Player must select one of the elevators. If the elevator cabin is filled with gold then the player wins, in the case of a loss in the Risk Game the player loses the winnings from the prior game play round. During the Risk Game, the win could be multiplied by 512 times

  • Bet line wins are multiplied by the number of coins bet per bet line.

  • All wins pay on selected bet lines only, except for wins with Scatter symbols.

  • Only the highest win per active bet line is paid.

  • Bet line wins pay if in succession from left to right.

  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are summed.

  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.

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